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Game summary[]

Age of Aincrad (アインクラッドの時代) is a fan-made project dedicated to produce a stable massively multiplayer online game based on the popular anime 'Sword Art Online' released in 2012. 

The game features a floor system, in which the players must clear one floor to progress to the next. Within each floor lies a few large cities, along with countless towns/villages, monsters, armors, weapons, and new quests to explore. Each floor is massive, and can only be cleared by defeating the floor boss, which can prove to be tremendously difficult to find. It is up to the players to find and defeat the floor boss, unlocking the next floor for all the inhabitants of Aincrad.    

Use COL, which is an in-game currency to purchase armor, weapons and cosmetics, and enhance your performance in combat by learning skills and new techniques to outnumber your opponents. This will prove your strength and worth in combat against deadly monsters, demonic creatures and fearsome player-killers. 

Use experience (EXP) to level up and increase your stats, allowing the player to being more skillful in their trade. 

Be anyone, anywhere. You may be a merchant, thriving to develop and enhance your in-world Player Store. A fighter on the frontlines, dedicated to reach the top floors. A bounty hunter, determined to rid of all players causing harm in Aincrad. Do what you like. Be who you like.

There is nothing that can stop you on your journey to become your own unique inhabitant of Aincrad.

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