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Banks are a personal storage system. You may store items that you are not currently using, but may need to in the future. It can also be used to store important personal belongings, currency, and also materials that are used for some skills. They are a way to free up space in your inventory for when you are out scavenging and looting when adventuring. Banks can generally be found in cities and villages. Player killers and thieves can not access your personal storage.

Types of banks[]

There are two kinds of banks:

  • Player banks:

These are a player's personal storage, that can be accessed from any cities and villages that have a banking system.

(If you own a house, you will be able to increase the capacity of your storage. Each storage system you visit, no matter the location, is linked together.)

  • Guild banks:

Guild banks can only be used by a guild's members. These banks have a higher storage space than a player bank has. A guild leader is able to choose which ranks are able to deposit and withdraw items to/from the bank. It's a system where guild members can share and give away their belongings that they do not need anymore. It's essentially a community chest.