Age of Aincrad Wiki

Type: Active


The player will get a skill called “Beast Taming” said skill will allow the player to tame X monsters to do his/her bidding. The taming will be one of two possible mechanics, based on rarity and way the player wants to use said beast. The chance of taming beast/monster X is a percentage based on level (of both player and beast), difficulty of taming and rarity of the beast. The player can have only 1 beast with him at the battlefield at all times, a higher amount of beasts present in his care can be higher. By leveling up the player can tame higher level monsters/beasts.

How it works[]

  • Method 1: The player has to find and harvest an egg of a monster/beast. The egg will be protected by others of the species that the egg will hatch into.After the egg is hatched (this takes a certain amount of time) the player will be presented with a low level “baby hatchling”. When leveling up the hatchling the tamed beast will grow into an adult (potentially having a mid stage). While leveling up the monster/beast will gain abilities and stat ups.
  • Method 2: The player uses the “Tame Beast” ability on a monster of equal or lower level than the current skill level for the taming skill. Depending on level of monster, player and difficulty the player has X% chance to catch the beast. While taming the beast can attack the player freely. After being tamed the player will have to walk around with the beast for a certain amount of time, slowly increasing the attack power of the beast until it is at 100%. When the beast reaches this, it can be leveled but will get a cap on how much it can grow and will not earn as much new abilities as with method 1.