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Bounty Hunting plays a large role in Age of Aincrad. Only red players will be able to have bounties on their name. Bounty Hunting is a way to player kill without having the need to kill innocent players. You can be rewarded with in-game currency.

If you do a lot of player killing, you can expect to have someone put a bounty on your head.

Bounty Hunting Mechanics[]

In order to set-up a bounty on a red player that does not currently have a bounty, you must first find a Bounty Board. Bounty Boards can be found in large cities where many players go to shop in the markets or to gather information. Upon accessing a Bounty Board, you can put up a bounty on a player. The player must have a red ranking cursor, because they have committed crimes such as excessive murder. It costs a daily (in real time) fee to keep the bounty up on the Bounty Board.

Another player then will visit the Bounty Board. They can look through the current bounties and select up to three bounties to follow. Depending on how many bounties they are following, they will receive a Jail Crystal. Jail Crystals can be used on players who currently have a bounty on them, but it will only work when the red player is under 10% of their maximum health and that you are in range. The red player will then be teleported into a jailed area for some time. Upon finishing your bounty task, you can go back to any Bounty Board to receive your rewards.

Multiple players are able to accept the same bounty task. Once you have accepted one, you should not waste any time. You should try to find the red player before other players do.