Age of Aincrad Wiki

Type: Creation


Cooking will be used to create Food. The player will be required to use raw materials gathered from plants, fish and monsters drops to create it. Players will also need to learn recipes that can be bought, or dropped from NPC’s or rewarded for quests.

As the players skill level progresses they will be able to create higher Food and Edibles. These Edibles can heal players, add buffs for a certain amount of time and remove de-buffs.

How it works[]

To create food, the player requires a blueprint/recipe and the ingredients required by the blueprint/recipe. If the player does not have the ingredients required, the requirement on the recipe will stay red, once the player has sufficient ingredients to craft the recipe, the requirements will turn green. (This also means level requirements – the recipe will become red if the player does not have the sufficient Cooking level required to craft the recipe). The player needs to use a “Kitchen” or a “Cooking Campfire” to craft the recipe. Using the Kitchen/Campfire opens up a layout where the player can select the recipe, and click on “Craft” to trigger a few seconds channeling which will result in the finished and crafted product.