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Crystals in AoA (Age of Aincrad), are considered to be one of the most convenient type of items and the closest thing to magic in the world of AoA. The most important crystal may be the Teleportation crystal due to it's very important function.

The different crystals have different uses, namely having immediate effect for recovery unlike potions and perform a variety of function outside of healing, like teleportation to corridors and floors and displaying images or replaying voice messages.


Crystals are very expensive and rare items. Their high cost and rare appearance are reasons to make players think twice before using crystals. Crystals may be used nearly everywhere, but some spots will be crystal-free zones, e.g. Boss Rooms will be spots where you can't use teleport crystals.

Known Crystals[]

Due to their different uses, there are a lot of different crystals:

  • Antidote Crystal - Cures any status effects.
  • Health Crystal - Completely heals the target/user.
  • Mirage Sphere - Records mapping data.
  • Teleport Crystal - Transports the player to a chosen city's Teleport Gate.
  • Corridor Crystal  - A larger form of teleport crystal that opens a teleport gate to any location that the player has marked.
  • Guild Teleport - This crystal will teleport the players to their Guild Headquarters.
  • Gatestone Crystal - This crystal will create a Gateway to another area on different floors.