Age of Aincrad Wiki

Damage Types are the different types of damage given or taken. (f.e Elemental Damage)

Elemental Damage[]

In Age of Aincrad, elemental damage is a type of damage which affects the enemy in various ways depending on the element used. The damage effects pertain to the characteristics of the element itself. The player can deal elemental damage by enchanting his/her weapon with an enchantment which gives a bonus in the given element. Once enchanted, the weapon deals elemental damage to enemies based on what it was enchanted with.

Mobs are not affined to a particular element, and all elemental damage affects them equally. (So someone with a fire-based enchantment won’t have it easier against someone with a water-based enchantment)

Aquis is the elemental representation of water. Weapons enchanted with Aquis slow down the enemy movement and attack speed. Being in combat with an Aquis user for a longer amount of time results in starting to receive a small amount of drowning “DoT” (Damage over Time) which becomes stronger as time passes.

Ignis is the elemental representation of fire. Weapons enchanted with Ignis have higher accuracy, damage and deal a high amount of burning DoT which gradually gets stronger as time passes.

Avia is the elemental representation of air. Weapons enchanted with Avia have a much higher attack speed and also consecutively knock the enemy back.

Terros is the elemental representation of earth. Weapons enchanted with Terros deal higher damage and also damage armor durability much faster.

Nox is the elemental representation of darkness. Weapons enchanted with Nox gradually diminish enemy sight (which a chance to completely darken the enemy screen for a short period of time if the fight drags out) and gradually slow enemy attack speed (becomes slower and slower as you fight).

Vis/Vys is the elemental representation of light. Weapons enchanted with Vis blind the enemy, making their attacks a lot less accurate and has a chance to completely blind the enemy if the fight drags out.

Crowd Control/Mesmerisation:[]

Crowd Controls are negative status effects which directly affect the players movement or abilities. The player can receive these effects from various sources like combat and consumption.

Damaging Status Effects:

Poison: DoT damage received from being attacked by a poisoned weapon or consuming poison.

Burn: DoT damage received from being attacked by a Ignis enchanted weapon or touching a fire source which can damage the player.

Drown: DoT damage received from being attacked by an Aquis weapon or staying under water for too long.

Movement effecting Status Effects:

Paralyze: The player is unable to move.

Knockback: The player is knocked backwards.

Slow: The movement speed of the player is slowed down.

Dizziness: The players screen starts waving/swirling.

Blindness: The players screen whites out.

Sleep: The players screen darkens till a pitch black.