Age of Aincrad Wiki

There are two kinds of death penalties in Age of Aincrad depending on which server-type a player resides in. The current two server types are:

  • Hardcore Server
  • Casual Server

Casual server death penalty:[]

Upon death the player will lose their col, these will be put on the dead body. The player then has to reach the body in order to regain the col that has been lost. The body will be un-loot-able for other players, unless the player cannot reach it within a certain time limit. The Player will not lose his character, but instead will get a skull after his/her name for a certain amount of time to show that he/she has died recently and lost EXP upon death. Besides this, the player will get a debuff for 30 minutes called “just reanimated”.

Hardcore server death penalty:[]

For the hardcore server, the player starts with 3 lives, which each time they die, they lose one of. Upon losing a life, the player will get a debuff for 24 hours called “just reanimated”. When the counter hits 0 the next death is permanent and cannot be reversed. The lost character’s name can be reused within 24 hours by the original owner, if not then it is free for anyone to use. Upon death the body will not be available for the original owner to loot again and he will have lost the following:

  • All gear the player is wearing
  • All items (except quest items as these cannot be regained)
  • All col

The player will keep:

  • Items bought through micro transactions