Age of Aincrad Wiki

Type: Creation


Creating safe spots that provide healing and buffs that players can use to their advantage to be safe and cook.

How it works[]

The fire making skill uses a mechanic that allows for a player to make a fire at dungeons. The fires are made by using a fuel and an ignition source. By doing so the player will get the chance to cook on the fire, add fuel to it to make it last longer and even get buffs from it. The buffs are depended on the level the player has in the fire making skill and the fuel that is being used. The fire will create a small zone that wards off monsters and pulls some species towards it. The monsters that are pulled to the fire will stay outside a certain range, making the player have to think about how much they need the healing and protection form certain species while they pull other monsters towards it. When the player decides to cook on the fire the player can make different foods having a slight penalty to quality and success chance. The higher the level of the items that are used to create the fire and the higher the level of the player the speed of healing in the nearby area is increased as well.