Age of Aincrad Wiki

Floor bosses will be the strongest type of opponents in AoA (Age of Aincrad). They have massive amounts of health and damage, and need very big groups of players to be taken down. They guard the way to unlock a higher floor.

General information about floor Bosses[]

  • You need to be in a party in order to kill a boss, since it is physically impossible to solo a boss.
  • Before every boss fight a cutscene will be played.
  • Every player who comes to a floor that has been cleared will still have a chance to fight the floor boss (look below).
  • Floor bosses won't respawn, but they can be killed by one player at least once - after the player kills the boss he can't fight the boss again.
  • Once Floor bosses have been cleared once; they are optional to progress to the next floor.
  • When in a boss room players won't be able to do PvP or PK other players.
  • A special reward is given to the player who dealt the most damage, and the player who received the most damage at the end of the boss fight.

Note: The final boss will NOT be a developer of the game.