Age of Aincrad Wiki

Floor 01 (Artuah)[]

Floor 1 (Artuah) is the 1st floor in Age of Aincrad. It is a peaceful land, vibrant and warm like autumn. Artuah owes its thriving economy to its rich fields and scenery, as many travel from great distances to behold its magnificent landscape.

The map is split up into six large terrains, the first being ‘Arthwourne’, the biggest city on Artuah. It’s the central point of interest of the first floor. A river is flowing through the center of the always lively town and many people from whole Artuah come by to visit the famous Carnival located nearby.

The next territory is a huge lake in the middle of the floor with a small, mysterious island in the center of it.

The third terrain is a big mountain, atop of it flat surface – with a forest growing on it and danger lurking behind every corner.

The fourth terrain is the forest regions, which are scattered all over the floor, including a massive forest cut in half by a path, at its end a small, isolated encampment. It’s said that the trees in this forest come to life.

Next up are all the cities and encampments spread out around the whole floor, providing a resting spot for travelers on their adventures.

Lastly comes what makes up most of the floors landmass – the rural areas, which is mainly comprised of fields, grassland and hills.

It is said that the size of this floor is about 8000 x 8000 meters.

Floor 02[]

Rumored to be a floor looking like a desert, and just as punishable, if you're not careful...

Floor 03[]

A frozen tundra, if you're not careful you might find yourself in a snow storm...

Floors 04-10[]

Nothing is yet known about these floors, check later for more information.