Age of Aincrad Wiki

Guilds in Age of Aincrad are certain groups of players who join together to create a team and fight under one name. 

Guild mechanics[]

In order to create a guild you will need the signatures of three people (The player creating the guild doesn't count as one of the three). You will also need to pay a small amount of Col to register your guild officially.

If this is not paid, your guild will not show up on the high scores nor will they be able to access any guild bonuses such as the guild bank. The small amount can be paid at any time after they have gathered the signatures.

Guild Bonuses[]

  • Ability to make a guild crest (Free first time round, but costs if you want to change).
  • Ability to buy a building and form a guild HQ.
  • Access to create a guild bank (First set of bank slots are free, and it will cost exponentially more to increase the overall space your guild has).
  • Ability to make guild uniforms that can have stats from other items transferred onto.
  • Ability to buy guild crystals that can be used for quick teleportation to another guild member.
  • Guild perks (depending on your guild levels) – This is still in development and may be removed.