Age of Aincrad Wiki

Type: Creation


Giving the player the ability to craft different armor and clothes.

How it works[]

A player is able to use the leather crafting skill by collecting the materials needed to craft the item the player wants to make and using the plans for the item on these materials. In order for it to work the player must first gather the materials. This is done either in the wild as drops, using a skinning skill or bought/rewarded form NPC’s. After obtaining these materials the player has to prepare them, this is done by tanning the leather using a focus bar minigame. After this is done the player has to cut the leather into the correct shape by using a minigame similar to the one in the previous step. Finally the player has to sow the leather into the correct shape to get the armor, again using a similar bar styled minigame. The better the result of those games, the better the stats on the item.