Age of Aincrad Wiki

In AoA (Age of Aincrad) you have the opportunity to marry another player. Once married you become their husband/wife.

Marriage mechanics[]

In order to marry someone while playing Age of Aincrad, you must go through the marriage process.

The marriage process is fairly simple. You must go to church in the Town of Beginnings with your partner and there you will get married successfully. 

Marriage information[]

  • You can not kill your partner.
  • You are able to marry the same sex.
  • Marriage and divorce requires payment.
  • When married, you share your inventory with your partner.
  • You may live in one home if you're married, but this isn't mandatory.
  • If your partner dies (Hardcore server only) you become the owner of your partner's inventory.
  • If you play on a casual server you must get a divorce to end a marriage. On the hardcore server there is another way - if your partner dies, you can get a divorce automatically and you become the owner of your partners inventory.