Age of Aincrad Wiki

Normal monsters will be usually player-levelled generic NPCs, which stay in groups and are the most basic of opponents the players have to face. Usually the most common part of fulfilling quest objectives will be killing them.

When killed, they give out low amounts of experience and drop normal materials and equipment, but they don't drop rare equipment which is usually hard to attain.

General information about monsters:[]

  • There will be safe areas in the game which monsters will not be able to attack players.
  • Monsters drop items like Weapons, Armour, Potions, Col, Food, and Crystals.
  • In dungeons the monsters will be stronger than on the Floors Surfaces; they will give more experience, Col, and better items.
  • Not every monster is aggressive. Some monsters stay neutral until you engage them.
  • At night some higher-levelled monsters may come out to give players a bigger challenge.
  • A player can't disarm or break a monster's weapon.
  • Monsters will be in groups based on aggressive and neutral. The mix of those two groups is not possible.
  • There are rare mobs that have more valuable loot than the usual ones.