Age of Aincrad Wiki

Player Stores[]

While playing Age of Aincrad, players have the ability to purchase a shop and sell whatever they please within it. A shop is not restricted to selling items, but can also be used to sell services, such as that of Bounty Hunting. These shops exist in the world space and are not phased, allowing a shop to truly exist in the world.

Player Stores come in two different forms:

  • Worldspace Building:

This type of player store is typically located within a large trading city, but can also be found in small towns/villages as well. There are a limited number of these per floor, so players looking to acquire a player store should either try to trade with a shop owner, wait until one is sold, or wait until the player base progresses to the next floor. If the shop is large enough, it can double as a home, allowing the player to receive the benefits of owning a house.

These shops are highly customizable. The shop owner can add other players to the Staff List, allowing their friends to help them run their shop. Shop owners should be weary, however, as skipping property tax can result in the loss of a shop.

  • Market Stall:

A Market Stall is a small, portable shop that allows players to sell goods/services without the commitment brought on by owning a building. These can be placed only in the market area of certain cities, and come in three different tiers. Each tier offers a small benefit over the tier below it. These stalls are craftable by players.