Age of Aincrad Wiki

One of the key points of why Age of Aincrad is special is the questing system. Instead of grinding quests, we will utilize the system displayed in RuneScape, where we get the players to interact with their environment and actually explore instead of going robot through an entire questline consisting of grinding and killing mobs. Quests will not always be displayed (For example in other MMO games, quest giving NPCs display a question mark above them), sometimes the player needs to talk to NPCs and initiate the quest by selecting the correct dialogue options.

Quest Genres[]

There are 5 quest types which appear in each generic MMORPG. However in Age of Aincrad, the quest types will be a bit different. In the following - we will explain on what we have in plan for quests while comparing to generic quest types.

  • Kill quests.

A kill quest sends the character out to kill either a specific number of named creatures, or a specific non-player character or NPC. These types of quests often require the character to bring back proof of their work, such as trophies, or body parts (boar tusks, wolf pelts, etc.). In MMO culture, these quests are infamously referred to by the quote "kill 10 rats". In Age of Aincrad: We are going exactly AGAINST this type of quest. Of course there will be quests which require you to kill a monster, but having the grinding type of "Kill me XY of this and that" is an absolute taboo in our vision of this game. Simply put, quests like those offer no immersion to either the lore of the game, or the environment. We would like quests which entice the players to explore and observe their surroundings.

  • Delivery quests.

Another type of quest is the delivery quest, also known as a FedEx quest or fetch-carry quest. This involves the player being sent to deliver an item from one location to another. Sometimes the player may need to collect the item first instead of being handed the item to deliver when starting the quest. These quests are made challenging by asking the player to journey through unfamiliar or dangerous terrain, sometimes while facing a time limit. In Age of Aincrad: We will use this type of quest. However, this will be used to initiate other quests or quest-lines. It will also be used to give the player a hint of where other locations on the floor are. It's more of a quest element instead of a whole quest.

  • Gather quests.

Gather quests, also known as collection quests, require a character to collect a number of items. These can either be gathered from a location or environment, or require the character to kill creatures in order to collect the required items. The quest may also require the player to collect a number of different items, for example: to assemble a device. In Age of Aincrad: This is a good type of quest. The player is sent around the map to gather items, but isn't given a definite place. The player will thus search the rumoured area through, getting familiar with the map and potentially finding other items which trigger other quests or give bonuses.

  • Escort quests.

The Escort quest is a combination of slaying monsters to maintain the well-being of a non-player character all while exploring an area alongside that Non-player character (NPC). A typical escort quest would involve protecting a character as they move through a monster-infested area. The majority of the time, the quest will demand the player to slay multiple monsters to ensure the safety of the NPC. Escort quests can be beneficial, in forcing the player's focus to a particular area in order to play out a scene or reveal a section of the plot. They can also be used to funnel a character from one location to another, leading the player along a route or path. However, problems with this type of quest can occur if the artificial intelligence controlling the NPC causes them to behave in unexpected or unmanageable ways. Because many of them are done often wrong, they are very unpopular amongst the gaming community. In Age of Aincrad: This isn't a bad type of quest, however, we won't use it a lot. As the last two lines say, this can be really unpopular with the community.

  • Hybrids.

Elements from the above types can be combined to make more complex quests. For example, a quest could require that the player find the parts needed to assemble a specific weapon (Gather Quest) and then use it to kill a specific foe (Kill quest). Hybrid quests may also include puzzles and riddles. In Age of Aincrad: This quest-type can generally describe Age of Aincrad quests in general. Layered and made up from different elements, an overall adventure for the player.

Quest Difficulty[]

Quest difficulty in Age of Aincrad is marked by stars. One Star quests are the most easy - usually being some small task given by an NPC, while Five Star quests being the hardest, taking several hours or days to complete. A detailed explanation can be found here:

One Star quests: Simple single objective quest. Define these with a type, since there is a single objective: Courier, gather, extermination or supply. Number per floor: 100

Two Star quests: Mixing several mission types e.g. exterminate then deliver. Can give average equipment, money and initiate more difficult quests. Number per floor: 60

Three Star quests: Several and mixed objectives with a story that is more in depth than normal. Rewards better than average equipment and skills. Causes the player to travel long distances, complete many objectives Number per floor: 40

Four Star quests: Tests of skill for both a player’s skill and intelligence are added. Pre-requisites are also added. Rewards some of the best equipment for the floor. These may also cause the player to travel a floor down for any reason. Number per floor: 20

Five Star quests: May requires a party to take on a dungeon or boss, or may ask the player to travel through several floors hunting either a mob or item. May require specially crafted items or difficult to obtain items. Must have skill requirements to see this quest as well as having previous 4 * quests completed to unlock. To the player, the reward is not specified until the end and the requirements are not specified either. Number per floor: 5

Quest Types[]

There are five different quest types available while playing Age of Aincrad. These types are: Daily quests, Normal quests, Event quests, Holiday quests and Hidden Quests.

Daily Quest - These are renewable quests that can be repeated every day, and always give the same rewards. Normal Quest - Quests that can only be completed once. Event Quest - These quests happen only whenever in-game events are held. Holiday Quest - Similar to event quests, these quests will only appear around the holidays, and will require you to beat a special boss for a rare item. Hidden Quest - These quests can only be completed once. In order to unlock a hidden quest, you must complete any pre-requirement quests. Usually, the player will not know a quest is a pre-requirement quest until after they have completed the said quest. Hidden quests usually give out good rewards as well.