Age of Aincrad Wiki

Type: Creation


Runic is the skill that allows players to add runics into a sword; low level swords will only have one slot whereas higher level swords will have more runic slots.

Runic slots need to be crafted from raw materials found from NPC shops, NPC drops, and harvesting a type of material. As the runic skill increases so will the power of the runics the player can make.

How it works[]

Players must first gather the materials needed to create said runics. From there they will take them to a runic forge, the player will have to play a mini-game using the mouse keys, and they must keep the pointer in the green zone of the focus bar while the runic is created.

The longer they keep it in the green zone the higher chance they have to get a slightly better runic than the one they originally planned to create. Experience will also receive a slight bonus which will be determined by how well the played did in the mini-game.