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Type: Passive


Salvage gives players the ability to break down an item to give raw materials. The better the item and the rarer the item is, the better the materials and the rarer the materials that will be given out.

How it works

Increasing the level of Salvaging will better the chances of the player making a successful salvage and receive back a large portion of the original materials. There is also a chance of destroying the item. This is high when attempting salvage on a very rare or high level item and uncommon when salvaging lower level items. Salvaging high level items is a high risk high reward decision as if the player manages to successfully salvage the item, he will receive a significant amount of experience points.

The player can salvage an item by opening his inventory, selecting an item then selecting the “Salvage” option, which will result in a few seconds channeling and then the salvage result.

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