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Here is a list of all 40 available skills that are featured in Age of Aincrad.


At the beginning of the game players can chose 11 out of 40 available skills. One of the skills has to be a combat skill; the others can be in any other category. Choose carefully because your decision will be permanent (cannot be changed afterwards). However, players will be able to add a few more skills throughout the course of the game.

Most skills are trained through use, but some raise passively. Skills in the game are divided into 5 categories:

  • Passive (Skills which you will not need to use manually; like Appraisal).
  • Creation (Skills used to create weapons, armors, and other items; like Leather Craft).
  • Gathering (Skills used to gather materials for crafting; like Mining or Herblore).
  • Utility (Skills used to help the player, or give him certain advantages; like Riding or Sneaking).
  • Disarm (Skills used to disarm traps; like Trap Craft).

List of all skills[]