Age of Aincrad Wiki

Towns are the biggest and most populated locations in AoA (Age of Aincrad).


Towns or Cities are located every few floors from themselves, so not every floor has a big Town to explore.

The Towns are places where players may meet, chat, trade, sleep, forge items, and take many quests as there are lots of NPCs waiting with ready quests for the player.

They also serve as a safe-zone for players in the game, as a players' HP (Health Points) will not drop within a town (unless they participate in a duel). For this reason, PKing is not possible within these areas.

Towns will in most cases have a warp gate to teleport to another unlocked location in the game in between floors and generally are where players will spawn when a teleport crystal is used. Housing may be available in towns including the Town of Beginnings of the first floor.