Age of Aincrad Wiki

In AoA (Age of Aincrad), trading is the way players exchange Items and Col.

Trading mechanics[]

Trading in Age of Aincrad is very simple. A player can request a trade with another player in two ways: typing /trade <playername>, or through the drop-down menu that comes from right-clicking the player’s health bar (after clicking on them). Upon receiving a trade request, a notification will appear on the player's screen, asking them to simply accept or decline the trade request from the requesting player.

Within this menu, players can add items from their inventory into the trade box. This will be visible by the other player. Upon hovering over an item, players can see stats and info about the item, too.

The “Will not be traded” function allows players to input their item into the trade box without the intentions of it ever ending up in the other player’s inventory. The use of this is to allow the other player to modify the weapon (through enchanting or appraisal, for example) and not worry about ever having to receive the item. Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that before a trade can occur, both players MUST select the trade button. Under the player’s name, there should be a text that says “READY”. This will show as green if the player is ready, red if not.