Age of Aincrad Wiki

Thanks! I've sent a message to Benjamin Tarsa regarding the new changes to take place. Here is an image template we wish to follow, I'm still new to CSS.

OK, i can help you achieve that, no problem. Could you provide me with the hex values for the exact shades of blue you want to use ? — Game widow (talk) 19:28, 16 May 2015 (UTC)

HEX Values[]

Here are the HEX values:

Light shade of blue: #00c6ff

Side Column/Head Tab: #17252e

Page Header/Banner: #0c1b25

Background: #12161b

Extras (If needed):

Lighty Grey: #233039

Glow Blue: #146e8b


Ah yes, I've made some changes to it and uploaded a new version but not sure if it made any difference. Here's the image:

I was wondering if it would be easier to contact through Skype or email, if not - that's okay.

I was also thinking about resizing the banner, and making the logo smaller - I'd say it's a load of wasted space. I'm a little new to this, if you have any suggestions, or better knowledge in design, feel free to make any changes. I've been trying to create a similar image to the popular Gamepedias such as Wowpedia, etc. :P

If you need a resized logo or banner, let me know.

sure, we can resize the logo and tighten up the space at the top. If you upload the resized version of the logo, i'll fix the css to reflect the difference. You can email me at if you prefer — Game widow (talk) 20:37, 16 May 2015 (UTC)