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Weapons are one-handed or two-handed equitable damage dealing items. The one-handed weapons may be used with shields to increase the player's defensive capabilities, and two-handed weapons have much bigger damage dealing capabilities. Due to Age of Aincrad being a Melee-focused MMORPG, with the presence of magic and ranged weapons missing from the game, we are compensating them with a wide variety of melee weapons. Balanced - each weapon type will have it's own area of specialization and will also have an assortment of skills assigned to it

Information on weapons

  • Most skills will be focused on weapon usage.
  • One-handed weapons will have different skills than two-handed weapons.
  • Weapons will have skill level requirements, so a low level player won't be able to use a high level weapon.
  • Weapon users will play a major role in every boss fight, as without their help players who are using only shields may be too weak to deal enough damage to a boss before they get killed.

Weapon types

  • One-handed swords: Straight Short Swords, Curved Short Swords, Long Swords (Straight and Curved), Katana, Rapier

One-Handed weapons are the default choice for solo starter players in Age of Aincrad who want to do PvE grinding and have an all around balanced character both defense and offense-wise. All of these can be equipped with an offhand shield, or dual-wielded. Equipping with a shield creates a balance of defense and DPS capability which is the recommended default. Equipping these weapons in dual wield will result in boosted damage and attack-speed, however will considerably lower the players defense and make him more vulnerable to Crowd Control. The abilities for these type of weapons are DPS focused (slashing, cutting, stabbing).

  • Two-handed swords: Greatswords, Straight and Curved Two-handed swords, Straight and Curved One and a Half-handed swords.

Two Handed weaponry excels in damage and CC, however is slower and less reliable in a one on one situation, an epitome choice for DPS roles in a party. Slow but heavy hitter weaponry, the abilities of this weapon class are damage, knockback and stun CC with a wide Area of Effect (slash and smash).

  • Pole arms: Spears, Staffs, Polearms with Spikes, Blades and Hammers.

Pole arms are a more distinct version of two handed weapons. Long range, knockback and area of effect are the reason players would pick this weapon class. Being able to reach and damage the enemy while at a safe distance is something a lot of solo players need. The con of this class is thelack of defensive equipment. Abilities center around swiping, stabbing the enemy from a distance and knocking them away.

  • Fist weapons: Claws - Fists, Gauntlets, Battlefans, Push daggers, Katars.

Fist weapons are not an optimal choice for most players. The idea of fist weapons center around massive attack speed although moderate DPS, and interrupting skills. A skillset perhaps good for PvP players. Getting close to the enemy, launching in for the attack and continuously attack the enemy until its dead without it having a chance to retaliate. The setbacks of this class is a huge defense reduction. Abilities include quick gap closing and combo attacks.

  • Axes: Battleaxe, Broad-axe, Tomahawk.
  • Knives and Daggers: Sickles, Kris, Dagger, Kukri, Sai, Karambit.

Similarly to Fist Weaponry, this class centers around massive attack speed. What is different however is that the abilities of this class is strong mobility which makes the player hard to pin down and attack. This helps the squishiness of this weapon class to be balanced out with mobility and gap closing.

  • Trauma weapons: Clubs, Morning Star, War-hammer, Flail, Mace.

Yet another sub-class of two handed weaponry. Trauma weapons take the traits of massive damage and slow attack speed and have massive crowd control and area of attack abilities. Stunning, slowing and knocking back the enemy, making it an easy target for the DPS classes to burst down.

  • Other: Scythe.
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